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Being sick or something 
23rd-Oct-2007 01:58 am
This probably doesn't really fit in here at all, but it's not like anyone uses this for anything anyway.

My grandmother was talking today about some virus or someshit that's going around in Virginia and killing people. Apparently its immune to antibiotics, so people are scared shitless. I don't know.

This got me thinking though... I don't get sick very often, and when I do, I don't take any medicine to cure my sickness. I only take meds that make symptoms go away. I realized recently that the reason I do that instinctual-y is to strengthen my immunity system. Somewhere down the road I subconsciously realized that treating a disease with meds makes the body's immunity system kind of lazy. It doesn't have to work very hard, so it doesn't do much when a new bacteria comes around. So basically, my immunity system takes care of many bacteria before they become a disease. So I rarely get sick.

I think I also have to take thanks for that from how I was allowed to play as a child. I climbed trees, fences, ran around all over the place, played in the dirt for sure, and busted my ass plenty of times. So early on I was giving my immunity system something to fight. And now I think that's very important for little kids to experience. I'm constantly hearing of how either tag or something else gets banned at recess.. I won't go into frivolous lawsuits that's causing this; but parents aren't seeing the big picture. Sheltering a child like that would only make him weaker physically.

Anyway, that wasn't where I really wanted to go. Speaking for myself... scrapped knees, refusal to take meds, and I was never big on washing my hands when I come home... those things made my immunity system stronger. At least I believe so.

And now... discuss?
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